Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gender Revealed.........

October 15th has been the most anticipated day of the pregnancy thus far. We we got to find out the sex! It was a really special day. Shea and I shared it with his mom, Angela and Shea's aunt, Theresa.
We arrived for the appointment and we were taken back for the ultrasound. It was all so exciting, that finally we were going to know. The ultrasound tech didn't look at gender first though, it wasn't until after 5-10 minutes that she got an image of the baby and said "it's a girl." Shea and I were really happy but had felt all along that we were having a boy (of course we will take what ever God chooses).
I had even bought 2 boy outfits with airplanes on them. Shea said, "looks like you have some things to take back."
The ultrasound lasted for about an hour, and about 20 minutes after she told us the it was a girl we heard her say, "uh, ohhhh?" I, of course, thought what is wrong with my baby. She said everything was fine, but she had big news about 5 minutes later. She said "it looks like your baby is a mischievous little boy!" She told us that what she thought originally were girl parts, were actually fingers. He had his hand covering himself.
So that was the official verdict...WE ARE HAVING A LITTLE BOY!
Shea of course is to excited, he has thought of nothing but having a son one day. I am thrilled as well. I was the oldest, and being a girl I always thought it would be really cool to have a big brother. Shea and I still cant get over how we found out. It is a really funny story.
To celebrate the occasion our sweet Aunt Theresa took us the the Irish cafe, Blue Rose ("blue" to celebrate having a boy of course).
Here are a few picture from this precious day in our lives.
............ and of course a scrapbook page for my precious son, William Shea.