Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I think it is so cool that Bonnie and I got to be pregnant together. She found out the day before I did that she and Rob would be having another baby.  Shea and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 4-5 months at that point.  So after finding out that they were pregnant only made me hope and pray that I would be too.
The next day I bought a test. I was so nervous, praying the whole time for grace to accept whatever the result would be.  When it was positive I almost couldn't believe it.  I had held so many tests in my hands that were negative.  I over course was over the moon.  I knew Bonnie would be happy for me too but I wondered at first if I should wait to tell everyone just in case they would feel like I was taking away from their happy news. 
I was too excited and wanted to tell anyone that would listen.  I called Bonnie and calmly talked to her about if and when I took a pregnancy test what would her wishes be. I asked if she would rather that we give them some time before announcing.  She laughed like I was crazy and said " no! you better tell me as soon as you find out."  I then said "OK.....I'M PREGNANT!!!!"  It was such an exciting phone call.  And the last nine months have been so awesome for our friendship too.  Our due dates are one week apart. She is having a boy too and his name is Keenan.