Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Beautiful City of St. Augustine

Yesterday we made a trip to St. Augustine. I have been there once before with Jamie and I knew that it was worth seeing again. The town is just what Shea and I love to see and explore. A lot history for him and photo opportunities for me.
We had a great time until a storm came in the late afternoon. So we didnt make it to the light house. We still had plenty of time to walk around to a lot of the shops. Shea, the history buff especially loved Castillo de San Marcos Fort. He told me all about who the "Swamp Fox" was and of course since he was from South Carolina that made it even interesting for him.

Today is our last full day here. I am sad to go home, but I miss my dogs terribly.
We stayed at the condo today. We enjoyed the beach for few hours and lounged at the pool some. every other day at 4:00 a storm came in. It wasn't very long though, so we headed back out when it cleared

All that are interested in my wedding photos....I heard from my photograpaher today and she will be ready to give them to me next Wednesday. YEAH! I am sure they are awesome she worked so hard!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Honeymoon Highlights

Hi everyone! We are having a great time in Daytona Beach. The condo is amazing! We have a great view of the beach from our balcony. I love sleeping with the sound of the waves crashing in the background.
We did get off to a rocky start. Around Brunswick we had a flat tire and had to put the spare on a go to Wal-Mart to get a new one. So we arrived a little behind schedule.

Yesterday was our first whole day here. We spent the day relaxing on the beach and at the pool. Shea surfed most of the time. I took picures and watched him surf.
As we heading back to our room a bad storm came in. It was really cool to watch it from the balcony.

We are having a wonderful time!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Married!

Well, it's official we are hitched. It was a beautiful day that I will never forget. I cant wait to share all the images with you all. Here are a few highlights.

Preparing to see my groom

Cutting the delicious cake, prepared by Bonnie.

The perfect ending of a perfect day.....

Now we are on our honeymoon in Daytona Beach, Fl.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm 25 Now

Over the weekend I was in Georgia with my family. I had to go down to look for a suit for my dad and deliver my sister's dress to her as well. It was nice to be with them for part of my birthday. Of course I love to see Asher, so that was a nice birthday treat. I really needed to get back to South Carolina though, so I left that afternoon and headed home. On route I had a flat tire, which was not a nice birthday treat.....but it all turned out okay.
I have had all kinds of tire issues over the last few months. So getting a flat tire was no shock to me at all.
Since I was out of town on my actual birthday Shea and Angela planned to take me out on Monday.
Last year on my birthday I ended up having to work and there was no time to really celebrate. Shea asked me then what I would like to do next year since we would be in Charleston and there is so much more to do here. I told him that I would want to spend the day downtown and have a nice dinner at one of the restaurants where we can eat on the rooftop. In planning the day, my birthday wish from last year didn't cross my mind.
We went downtown and walked the market together. It is one of my favorite things to do downtown. I love the different homemade things that vendors sell. There is always great art work and photography.
As we were walking to the restaurant where we planned to eat we passed one of the restaurants that has rooftop access. Of course we had to eat there. It is such a small thing but it was a real blessing too, like the Lord just put that birthday wish down and made it come true. It amazes me when He is reveals His love in that way. I love that He cares about the details of my life. He truly enjoys me! He definitely made it happen.....Shea wouldn't remember (that's for sure).
We had a really nice time. Looking over this beautiful city as I sat there with my future husband (3 weeks to go) I just took it all in......thinking wow this is my life. I am a blessed girl! The Lords has given what I always wanted in Shea and my new family. God is incredible! So another birthday in the books...defiantly one of my best.