Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rare Moments

These moments are rare so they MUST be documented.

What a sweet, beautiful baby he is.


They have invaded! Its so lovely, there are butterflies fluttering around our yard all day.

Joel 4 weeks old

William at 2 1/2

Even though this is the hardest stage so far for me as William's mama, it is probably the most fun so too.  Shea is in love with William at this age.  They play constantly.  He is the funniest kid.  He amazes me with his humor, his intelligence, his memory and his sweetness.  He also amazes me with his fiery Irish temper! 
I wanted to post some things about this stage and things he is doing, because they are precious and I fear that in the midst of my sleep deprivation I will forget.

 He loves to play with his "mans."
I find them in the most unusual places. Usually he is coming to me very upset in tears becasue he has gotten his man stuck in something. 
When he put this guy on the rim of my coffee cup he said "look Mama, he's hanging on."

These 3 are some of his favorites.  They are usually all together. There is one teeny tiny guy that is missing in the picture though. From left to right their names are Iron Man (he isn't really but you cant tell William that, he is insistent), the second one is called "my bwown man" and the third is "my big man."

His favorite toys at the moment are cars and trucks. Mostly trucks though.  He spends all day lining his trucks up all over the house. 
On this particular day I was a little startled as I turned the corner to go up stairs and came across these....
 The way he lined them up was so funny too.  All with their faces against the stairs.
       We are also living in a house of towers.
ohhhh, I can not forget blankie!  He is very attached.

This boy is sharp too.  He notices everything.  If I chage clothes, or if I cleaned a room.  He sees things that Shea doesnt even see.  Last night we were over at Bonnie's hanging out. Keenan had a blue pacifier. Joel rarley uses one, but I used an orange one for him while we were over there.  Today Joel was in the swing and I was giving him a blue pacifier. William was observing and said "that is Keenan's blankie" (that is his word for binky). He then said "that's Keenan's, Joel's is the orange one."

He has a great memory and it may photographic.  I am so proud of him that he can recognize most of the letters in the alphabet.  He can also recognize numbers 1-9.  He does think that the word letter can also describe a number too. But wow that kid is smart.  The way he learned his letters was Scrabble.  While we all play we gave him his own set of letters to play with from an extra game. He would ask us what each letter was or we would tell him and quiz him on them.  He now tells us what the letters on our shirts are or on a sign.  It is really cool.   I left this board on the table for many, many days after coming home from the hospital. It entertained him so well. 

 Beautiful boy in the morning glow.

He says funny things all day long. He just started say "hold you me" instead of just "hold you" to held.  He talks in third person a lot.  When he is upset but the tears wont come and he wants my attention, he will say "I crying."  I had a very proud mement in the grocery store a few days ago. While in the freezer section a couple of other moms were shopping too and William yelled out "I want edamame!" 
I mentioned his big temper but also in true toddler form he thinks he is in charge.

 Here he was probably saying, "no Mama taking pictures. No."
 He hates for me to shush.  Even if I am doing it to him in a sweet way telling him not to wake the baby he will get frustrated with me. 
We are slowly potty training him.  Some days he wants to do it and others he is defiant! I don't push him hard on it, but in all honesty it not something I am crazy about doing right now anyway.  But he is doing better and better.  He picked out Batman and football underwear.  He has no idea who or what a super hero is.  He just knows that Asher talks about the characters all the time so it must be something cool. 

How is William as a big brother?  People ask all the time how he is handling Joel being here now and the truth is he really doesn't seem interested.  He only wants me to hold Joel or change him.  Dada is all his at this point.  Getting any pictures of them together is a challenge. William can smell a set up a mile away.  Sometimes I get lucky though.

He loves to be outside.  He loves to run. He has started say "look at me!"

His Mymy bought him some chalk for outside. One of the things I hear the most throughout my day is "what's William doing?"  I remember when he was drawing and I took his picture and that is what he was saying.  He probably says that 10 times every hour. The rest of the time is asking what I am doing. 

 So nice to have such an awesome yard

"Look at my sword Mama."

I do love being this little boy's Mama.   I love that we are at a stage where he can communicate so well.

He is a ton of fun.  Even though he is typical toddler with many hard moments he is still really delightful. 
 There is a sweet calm to him that I think is rare.  He is intense and thoughtful.  He tells us that he is sad or happy, or scared.  He asks me if I am OK.  He will sweetly say if anything seems wrong "what's the matter Mama?" 

There is no doubt though in his mind about who the head of this house is. And who is our protector.

When I was being admitted into the hospital when I got sick with pneumonia. I broke down in tears when the doctor told me. I couldn't hold it back as much as I tried not to in front of William. He was so concerned about me. He said " Mama, whats the matter? Where is Dada?" He asked over and over where he was.

He is growing up too fast.  I realize when I put Joel in all of William's old clothes that it just doesn't seem real that he is now so big.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saturday with Mymy and MaMo

Mymy and Mamo came over to help out the first Saturday I would be home with both boys alone after getting out of the hospital.  The pneumonia took a lot out of me.  It was nice to have another person there to change a diaper or hold the baby. 
I don't know what I would do without these two.  It was a nice, relaxing day.  They brought us lunch and we sat at the table playing Scrabble, doing crossword puzzles and laughing most of the day.

This was the first time since Joel was in the hospital that Aunt Theresa got to see him. 
 All the babies love to sleep on Mamo.


William stayed entertained by playing with an extra board game. 

 and playing with MaMo

Beautiful Joel at 2 weeks old.