Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pictures of Aidan & Asher

Cute Video

This is a video that I took over the weekend in Georgia. I love that even though my dogs are enormousWhen Asher is at my house, Game follows him around, right on his heels, observing everything he does and listening to every noise he makes. Moses on the other hand is not as interested in kids. While Game allows them to climb on him, pet him (which is a lot like hitting him) Moses will allow it for a minute but then gets up and looks for the quietest place to hide. This video is so cute of Asher "petting" Game. The funniest part to me too is Moses in the background. The first half of the video is the cute part.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Update....and of course a new page

Everything is going really good here. I love South Carolina! The Drolet family has been especially wonderful to me too. They have welcomed me with open arms into their home and life. I don't know what to with this kind of love from people that were strangers to me just 6 years ago. They are truly the most wonderful blessing in my life right now.
I love all the land that we live on. It makes for a great yard for my babies. Mr. Drolet (Mr. Mark) and I have the best talks about the Lord almost daily with our coffee each morning. I have never been one that can read the Bible before being awake for more than 1-2 hours (much less hold a conversation) but he always has a lot to tell me even as I walk in the door for the much needed first cup of coffee. When I am at school he is a nanny to the dogs. He calls them little monsters....affectionately of course. They have made themselves a special place in his heart.
Angela is becoming one of my best friends. We spend a lot of time together. We are so much a like that it is crazy.....especially since there are 30 something years between us. We both love to be creative, we love the natural lifestyle and find ourselves at Whole Foods and the farmer's market quite a bit. More than anything else that we may have in common though is our love of laughter. We are so goofy together! We have such a great time together...most of it in stitches.....I guess that is all the Irish in us.
I sometimes wonder if this is the kind of relationship that I would have had with my own mama if she were here today. As an adult I think we would have been good friends.

I have another 4 weeks of school. Everything is wrapping up and finals are coming nearer and nearer.
I cant believe that Christmas is almost here too. I actually started a couple of gifts that I have been planning today.
I have finished editing all the pictures I took of Aidan and Asher from last weekend. Hopefully I will put a slide show up tomorrow.
I gotta run now, I have a test tomorrow and a Hamlet paper to work on.

Here is a page a did a few weeks back that I forgot to post. The pictures are from September when I went Georgia to visit my family.
I adore these pictures of my dad and Asher.
I think they say it all.........

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Weekend In Georgia

I went to Macon over the weekend. I had a wonderful time with my family, esecially my adorable nephews Aiden and Asher. Being Aunt JoJo is by far the greatest joy on earth!
This was my first time meeting Aiden, who is my brother Matthew's little boy. He is such a sweet boy. He calls me Aunt GoGo.
I have so much to post and lots of pictures to share but very little time right now.
Here are some pictures for now.....