Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Talking about the Weather

Here in South Carolina, we didn't get any snow. A few years ago that would have made me very sad, but after living in Missouri where there is more snow than you actually care to see, I wasn't really all that sad about.
I say that mostly because driving in it was a pain. I did enjoy playing with the dogs in the snow and walking the trail in the snow.
Right now I just miss the warm weather of last week! It was warm enough last week to get the hose and pool out for the dogs. One highlight from last week was giving the dogs a bath.
Living in the country makes giving my enormous dogs a bath so much simpler. We used to have to bath them in the bath tub, where they would shake and get water everywhere. Not to mention all the water throughout the rest of the house.
Now their baths take place in a kid pool outside. It can actually be a lot of fun for me too. They are so entertaining.
Game has an obsession with the water hose. His passion in life is to play with that water hose!

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  1. i miss you, shea and those dogs so much. bet you are so excited about may!!!