Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful Day at Givhans Ferry Park

I love those days when Shea and I can take the dogs our to the water or the beach, or dog park and just enjoy them. We walk almost daily but that gets to be a chore. There are times that I am just walking them purley to wear them out!

We decided since the weather has been so nice to go to Givhans State Park. It is simply a beautiful place. The wonderful thing about it too is there is hardly anyone there during the week this time of year. The river was really high. Shea and sat on the bank and watched the boys play for more than an hour.

Then we went exploring through the woods.....we discovered an old bridge that I had never seen before. I love the pretty wildflowers, just reminder to me that winter is over....and a new season is here! I know that many of them are weeds, but I still love them!
We also took Bionca (the Drolet's dog). We are trying to make her a real dog.....she is confused somewhere between human and cat. But she is cute.

It was a great day. I look forward to a lifetime of days like those. Shea and I were just talking the other day about how boring our life must seem to others......but we love it. It may be a boring life to some....but it's our life.

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