Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Beautiful City of St. Augustine

Yesterday we made a trip to St. Augustine. I have been there once before with Jamie and I knew that it was worth seeing again. The town is just what Shea and I love to see and explore. A lot history for him and photo opportunities for me.
We had a great time until a storm came in the late afternoon. So we didnt make it to the light house. We still had plenty of time to walk around to a lot of the shops. Shea, the history buff especially loved Castillo de San Marcos Fort. He told me all about who the "Swamp Fox" was and of course since he was from South Carolina that made it even interesting for him.

Today is our last full day here. I am sad to go home, but I miss my dogs terribly.
We stayed at the condo today. We enjoyed the beach for few hours and lounged at the pool some. every other day at 4:00 a storm came in. It wasn't very long though, so we headed back out when it cleared

All that are interested in my wedding photos....I heard from my photograpaher today and she will be ready to give them to me next Wednesday. YEAH! I am sure they are awesome she worked so hard!

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