Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love Wednesdays!!!!

"Hump day" is such a great day for me. First of all it is my first day off each week. I usualy work Saturday thru Wednesday morning at 8:00am.(On average that is a 56 hour work week)
So the last 4 days I have only slept about 4-5 hours each night. I usually feel too giulty to take a nap, because there is so much a have to get done in the hours that I am home.
Anyway... so Wednsday is the day that I long for all week.
Today, I am overwhelmed with ways to spend today. I feel a little creative, my workshop is calling me "Joanne...Joanne..come scrapbook.."
My dogs do not care that it is literally 6 degrees outside (yes, I said 6, as in the number SIX)and they want to walk the trail, so do I but not in this weather.
I really need to clean my house. The snow has been melting all week, so the mud outside is awful and of course there are 8 little muddy paws that track it all in for Mama to clean up.
I do need to do some homework....yuck!
What I love about this day too, I get to just decompress. When I get to go the Prayer Room on Wednesdays it is not like the other days of the week. I need it, I want it! I go to the cafe and read and study for as long as I want, then to the Prayer Room. I can go, giult free, not feeling rushed.
Still there is the beckon of other things that need my attention, but I know that while I am there, that time slot in today, there is for sure nothing more deserving on my attention.

That is my rambling today....nothing very exciting, I guess, but at least I found time to post :)


  1. Oh for a WEdnesday!!! I look for Wednesday but it never comes! ;0) Ah well........Enjoy YOURS. I love the new header, btw. That is so cute! I love your creativity. Keep it up....and by the way, your ramblings are gold to me.

  2. It feels good to know that there is someone out there that cares about the details of my life :)