Friday, February 22, 2008

My funny dog

Over Christmas,one day Ricky and I went to the gym. Since the dogs had already walked 5 miles that day I thought that since they had enough energy out they would not get into any trouble. Well, Ricky and walked in and everything looked fine, they were sleeping. I went in the living room and on the floor there was a butter tub (empty). For a second I was trying to remember if I had just thrown out one and maybe Game got that out of the trash(which he is known to do). That was not the case..... it was a brand new tub of butter and I must have left it on the counter after making breakfast that morning. Then I saw a ziplock bag on the floor. And I remembered that that was the bag the I put a fresh loaf of homemade bread in the day before. So, Game had a little bread and butter that day. He was starting to get bad about jumping up and looking around in the kitchen for food. I geuss after discovering what kind of goodies we were holding out on him.
This is a video of us trying to catch him in the act.

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  1. Nice kitchen! Uh....doggies in the kitchen....uh..not so nice!