Friday, May 30, 2008

Proud Aunt Joey

Though I have never met this beautiful little boy.....I already love him so much.
Here are some picture of my nephew Asher. He is my sister, Nicki's son.


  1. He is beautiful and adorable and just precious! Nicky if you read have a little darling and I know you are so in love and proud of him!!! What a gift from God!
    Jo, great job (as ALWAYS) on your layouts!

  2. Wow i love ur scrapebook pages. U are so much better at it than me. I luv my journal u made me. I show it off to everyone. It is also the inspiration of a tattoo i drew that i am eventually going to get. I have being saving all of his baby stuff and i have pictures that i need to scan into the computer but i would luv for u to make me a scrapbook of him for my birthday if u get time. I have yet to find the time to do it. It may take me til xmas actually to get all the stuff together but i think u could do it better than i could. Well i luv u. talk to u later.

  3. i luv it. And the journal u made me i show it off to everyone and it is the inspiration to a tatoo i want. Well ill talk to u later. i can't wait to see u and neither can he. luv ya