Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Wonderful Birthday

Thank you everyone for making this a special birthday. I am happily 24 now!
I had to work the whole weekend, so I didn't do anything special.
What I love about birthdays is the fresh start. The beginning of another year. Another chance to make changes and alterations to your life.
I always make resolutions. This year there was only one thing that I wane to focus on. I want to start reading a lot more. I always seem to be reading something, but this year I want to go after them books in a focused way.
1. I want to finish reading all of the C.S. Lewis books.
2. Read the classics. Mark Twain said that they are the books we want to read but never do. That is me I guess.
3. Make a really cool book journal of my conquests.

One cool thing happened on my birthday. I made this list the day before of my hopes for the new year of my life.
That day I was taking care of Mrs. Irene. She is 92. She knew it was my birthday and said that since she doesn't have a way to get me anything, she offered to let me have as many of her antique books in the basement that I want.
I collect antique books, so that was really cool. Some of the classics that I plan to read this year were among the ones that I chose.
Jesus is so attentive to the details of my life.

This scrapbook page-I did in honor of my birthday. In honor of my mama too. She took this picture of me and it has always been a favorite of mine. It was my first birthday.

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