Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A New Season

I am really looking forward to the season ahead. I have loved Kansas City...well liked is a better word. Something here has never really felt like home. Home? I don't know what that looks like for me. I desperately miss the friends that are so dear to my heart. People like Jamie...3 years is far too long to go without seeing your best friend. I miss the Drolet family. They have made a couple of visits, which just ever increased my longing to move. I miss Ricky too and so many others. The last 2 years turned out to look much different than what I pictured it would look like before I moved. There are a lot of things that I would do over if I could, but I am also very grateful for the mistakes. I will keep the lessons and wisdom that came with it all for this season. My life has changed by me being here.
Right now I am in some kind of "purgatory." I am out of my townhouse and staying with a friend until my move date. It has changed a few times. There is no more moving it back though because I start school on the 4th of August. I am ready for the change. A new home and school, hopefully a really great church to plug into.
I am looking forward to Charleston!!

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