Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happiness Worth Gushing Over

I realized today that there is a great deal of blogging to be done! Especially when there is so much happiness in my life today.
I am one that holds my inner thoughts very close to me. Even now when I feel so much happiness and love within me, I still tend to push down the desire to shout it from the roof tops.
Not wanting to be overly cheesy and bore others with my swooning over this man. But I feel that I must shout it today! I have found wonderful love in this wonderful man. He has been my best friend, confidant, my family,a part of my everyday life for almost seven years. The last 8 months my heart has grown even more for him as our friendship has blossomed into even more.
Shea brings so much happiness to my life.
All of our lives on this earth is truly a love story for the books of eternity. That story stretches beyond just within the relationships that we find among ourselves, but also in the one with our Lord. Loving someone this way has made that revelation even more real to me. Because of HIS love, I am realizing that our own love story is truly beautiful!

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