Monday, June 15, 2009

June So Far

I noticed today that I haven't yet posted some of our highlights from this month. We still have a good bit of the month left but here is a review of the first half.

Wyatt Graduated Kindergarten

Our good friends Rob & Bonnie invited us to attend their oldest child, Wyatt's graduation. He is such a smart kid and a lot of fun to be around. The highlight the evening was him winning the award for reading (having read to him) the most books. He had over 700 books read to him in this school year. Everyone was so proud, but no one was more proud than him!

Of course we cant forget Ella ( she will not let you). What a cutie! She loves to have Shea "pin" her around. She has us all wrapped her around her well polished little finger.

Snake Drama

Jamie has a had so much snake drama lately and now I have had my own. A few days ago, Shea was playing outside with the dogs. While Mr. Mark and I were inside. We all of a sudden heard Shea yelling "Dad, get the's a rattlesnake."

Mr. Mark grabbed his gun and I of course grabbed my camera. This boy was big!

That day I gained even more respect for Mr. mark. From 15-20 feet away he took this snake out with a head shot. Here is the picture as he shot the snake.

I am so grateful that everybody was okay. Shea said that Game actually discovered the snake. It took Shea a moment to realize what he was looking at, but finally did. He said that there seemed to be a natural fear in Game of the snake.
Hopefully it will be the first and last time we encounter one of these creatures.

Living the Good Life

Daily life around here is really very simple. School keeps me very busy. Married life is wonderful. Our daily life is pretty routine. What to some may seem boring keeps me quite content. Mornings are spent drinking coffee and for me just trying to wake up (I've never been great at that). We usually take the dogs on a long walk, followed by the entertainment of watching my dogs play in the kiddy pool.

I am trying to take more time out for photos. Not just ones of the dogs, but of my beautiful surroundings as well.

Here are a few...

Okay, well I had to throw in a few of these gorgeous boys.

Hope you are all having a great summer!

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  1. Yay for Wyatt and yay for Bonnie for reading the most books to him! (That's quite a feat!!!)

    And YAY that your snake encounter ended that way---the only good ending to a rattlesnake adventure! Glad your dog was scared of him and you didn't end up with big trouble! YIKES.