Monday, June 8, 2009

Wishing & Discovering

For the last 3-4 months as I planned my wedding, I was excited about many, many things.....but if anyone knows me well they know that the scrap booking to come was what I couldn't wait for. I have been saving ideas and inspiration for what I hoped would be the most amazing wedding book of all time. Each day since I received my photos I have gotten in Photo Shop, opened some of my favorite images, made a 12x12 format and then.....NOTHING!
I have had a hard time placing words with images and colors that match. Each photo is priceless to me and placing them on a page seemed to take away from the sheer beauty that I would hope to emphasize.
So, yesterday as I was playing with my wedding photos, I just had to go in a completely different direction.
Daily I look at Jamie's blog. I love to read of the daily adventures in Grastonland. Jamie posted these pictures of Jacob a couple weeks ago. It reminded me of my own childhood. I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandparents as a child. I remember a home they had where I played in the backyard. Unusually alone, or my grandfather would sit with me. He would challenge me to find the most 4 leaf clovers in a clover bed. I guess it wasn't a very well kept yard because among those clovers there were hundreds of dandelions. I loved to blow the petals off of them. I still do. I cant help myself. I wonder what it was that I wished for? As I look around now, in my tiny house, unfinished floors....and mountains of school work that I sometimes feel will never end. I have to believe that most, if not all of those wishes have come true. My life is beautiful. I am richly blessed. I am discovering in this season that there is a Father that hears the wishes of my heart. The ones that are unsoken and the ones that blew in the wind of my own breath as a child. He is a Dream Maker.
Today if I came across a dandelion I know that I would have to make a wish. I know what it would be for...but if I tell you may not come true, so I will hold it close to my heart.
I hope that Jacob wishes on thousands of these in his lifetime

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  1. I love it! Will you send it to me so I can save it for their scrapbook?