Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just a little rhyme......

First comes love....

Then comes marriage....

Then comes Joanne with a baby carriage!

That's right, a baby carriage! We are having a baby. It was totally unexpected, not planned, but the greatest gift to date.

We are so happy and thrilled. We cant wait to meet this little one. I am due at the end of February, so I am 5 weeks along.


  1. Announcement WELL DONE!!!!
    Love it!
    Congrats my dearest friend! You are going to be the best mommy ever! Now back off the coffee.......

  2. I saw Jamie's blog and wanted to check out the update! I don't know you but have heard many wonderful things about you through Jamie - congratulations, both on your marriage and your new addition! God is good!

  3. A great way to break the news! So happy for you both!

  4. you guys are gonna be great parents. Congrats!