Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ready for William

The last few weeks have been very busy around here. Getting settled into a new place, keeping up with school and of course setting up for William. A few weeks ago my friend Dianne and my aunt in law Theresa took me out to get the final items from my list. I came home some really great things. It was really starting to hit Shea and me that we are about to have a baby. To walk into the living room and see a swing, bouncy seat and boppy sitting in the rocking chair. Not to mention a set up crib. Wow! We are really going to have a baby!

I thought I would post some pictures of his bed and some of my favorite details.

This of course is the his crib. The bedding is airplanes.

One of my favorite things in his nursery is the airplane mobile. I had a hard time finding one for a long time. I told Dianne that I was looking for one. And leave to Dianne.....a couple of weeks later she made me one. I was so surprised by it. It is such a special gift that I will cherish forever.

I have decided to take a final picture of this pregnancy. I am no thrilled with how swollen I am and I also think that I just may not be one of those people that looks great pregnant.
But I have to say that I may be swollen and miserable, but the anticipation of finally having my baby boy in my arms is all that I can think about. Honestly, even though I haven't met him, held him or lay eyes on him yet I know that it is all worth it.

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  1. AWWWWW!!!!! I LOVE the nursery! LOVE LOVE the airplane mobile!!!!! I'm so excited! Very glad you finally took pics for me to see it everything! I hope the next pics you post will be of Sir William himself!
    Love you, girl!!! Hang in there! He's almost here!!!!