Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lassie Instincts

Last week while Shea was out of town I had the duty of feeding the dogs bright and early in the morning and letting them out. At 4 AM Moses woke me to feed him. Then at 6 AM, he woke me to let him out. I left the back door cracked so they could go in and out on their own and I went back to bed. At 8 o'clock Game came in my room whining. This is really unusual for him, he is a late sleeper like the rest of us. I usually sleep until William wakes around 8:30. At this point William was waking up anyway and Game would not leave me alone. So I got up. As I walked down the hallway with one thought and one thought alone.....COFFEE, I stopped at Ricky's room to check on Asher. My heart dropped when I saw that he was GONE! Game was still ahead of me as I ran to the the living room and then to the dining room. Game ran outside and looked back at me....and there he was...Asher got up and went outside. He was in the kiddy pool playing. Don't worry after that I made sure that Asher knew to come get Gogo when he woke in the morning and to not go outside without a grown up. I just had to brag on Game. I know how protective he is and how much he loves children and this even amazed me. I am not sure how my gentle giant knew to let me know, he defiantly has some "Lassie" instincts.

If he keeps this up I just may have a new babysitter, but for now official bodyguard will do.

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