Thursday, April 12, 2012

Its a BOY!

We got to see the baby today.  The whole time the baby was curled up in a ball so we didn't get a good face shot.  Of course it is so exciting to get to see this little creature that is making me so sick and exhausted. 

The biggest part of the day was finding out that we are having a little boy.  Shea was beyond excited.  He wanted another boy so bad.  Its funny, when I first found out I was pregnant I preferred a boy too.  Then the thought of a girl was nice and I convinced myself that I was actually having a girl.  
I was in no way disappointed about this news. I am really excited to have 2 boys and for them be close in age.  

We cant wait until August when we get to meet this little guy.

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  1. Growing up I always wanted girls. But now any time we talk about kids I find myself wanting boys! Congrats on your new addition. :-)