Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Miss Dada

The last few weeks have been hard for our little family.  Remodeling the house while living there proved to be much more difficult than we could have imagined.  It would be hard on anyone to live the we have had to but throwing a toddler in the mix multiplies the difficulty to the almost unbearable.  The discomfort of it all was bad enough but we knew it was time to make other arrangements when we saw that really it was just too dangerous and not worth the risk for William.  After he fell in the kitchen one afternoon, I heard cries like never before and Shea yelling for me to come quick.  I saw my poor little guy's face covered in blood.   It was scary. I scooped him up and ran to the upstairs bathroom.  He had fallen pretty hard on the concrete step in the kitchen. The mark was tiny in comparison to the amount of blood and thankfully there was no need for stitches or even a visit to the doctor.  We did call though to see if we should watch for any warnings signs to take him in. 
That night while driving to dinner Shea and I decided that William needed to be out of the house.  We called Aunt Theresa and she was more than happy to let us stay with her.
It was hard for us to be apart from each other.  William and I really missed Shea and I know he missed us like crazy too.  It is just unatural for a family to live apart like that.  Shea came to visit us at least every other night and it was a good time for him to have the house to hisself as he prepared for finals.

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