Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Milestones, Highlights and Memories

I think its pretty obvious that I have been AWFUL at posting the things that are going on in our life.  It would take forever for me to go through all of the photos and post date all of these things. I have been trying to do that for months and I really I just hate being so far behind. Especially with Joel here now.  There are wonderful memories that I am not posting in the moment because I am so back logged.  So just for the purpose of our family memories I am going to make this a VERY long post of photos with captions.

There is no way I can even talk about the adventures of our summer without a picture of this.  At this point I have made a few resolutions about the future of our family.
1. I will NEVER be pregnant during the months of July and August again.
2. I will not attempt a house remodel while pregnant.
3. I will not move into a new house while pregnant. 

This is me 7 months pregnant.

And yes, I do realize that not only by saying that but also by writing it I am pretty much guaranteeing that all 3 will take place in the future.

Here are some photos from a random day of play outside.  We absolutely love our new house and all the outdoor space. 
William loves to pour water.
 But he overfills the container and this is his reaction.  The boy has quite a little temper. 

He is a really good 2 year old. I have heard that there really are some hand fulls out there.  But he is still a 2 year old. So life is not easy around here at times. 
 He has become so verbal. He is talking all the time and in complete sentences.  He can be very opinionated to say the least.  And he will let us know if he disagrees with us. He has adorable personality.  Im sure he was giving me some order here. 
I love this little mischievous grin.  He got a little chunky at the beginning of the summer. We realized that he was drinking way too much milk.  As soon as we cut it down he slimmed up. 

Do you think it may be time for a hair cut? 

He loves to be pushed on the swing. 


 I think it is really cute that he does his tongue like this when he is thinking.  He gets it from Shea.

Meet Our Newest Furry Addition
William has had a real love for cats for as long as I can remember.  So, now that we need a cat to keep mice away (and snakes more importantly) and since we can keep him outside we figured it would be a good time. It took a while to name him but finally we came up with Ollie.  We got him at 5 weeks old he was born on Angela's birthday.

The biggest challenge we thought we would face would be training the dogs (particularly
Game) to accept the kitten as a member of our pack. 

It didn't take long at all.
William's poor little feet are a constant target for the kitty. He has a toy cat that looks just like Ollie.  I think he would have preferred that that remain his only kitty.   

But William is not just a victim.  It turns out that Game is not the one we should have been the most worried about.  We are still having to protect the cat from William. 
He had to learn the right way to hold the kitty. 

He is a great little guy.  I really love that he spends 99% of the day outside. 

Nicki, Asher and Sid stayed at our house for part of the summer.  William loved playing with his cousins everyday. 


Here are 2 of my favorite William pictures. 
I love the one on the bike because I am not one that likes a posed picture.  I did not pose him at all, even though it looks like the most posed photo ever.  He was just scooting along on his trike and looked over at me with that adorable grin.

 I love this one because this face is all William. 

Bath time
I am throwing this bath picture in because it just makes me smile.  I really do enjoy this little boy of mine. 

Father's Day
Shea has to work every weekend so that means that a special day like Father's Day has to be celebrated on Monday for us.  We try to set Mondays aside as a family day for just us anyway.  With it being Father's Day we made it really fun and we went to Celebration Town in Summerville. It is an indoor jump castle/slide place.  William loved it!! 


These two have such an awesome bond.  William has taken up with Shea so much over the last couple of months.  It has been a nice break for me.  He is becoming a little man and he has found the best man to follow. 


Look!! I have proof that I was there too!! 

 Not only did I make it into a few photos but I also went down the slides a few times with this enormous belly of mine.  It was fun.  And probably a little entertaining for anyone watching. 
So thankful to have that my boys have such a great dada.  Happy Father's Day!
Rainy Day of Play
This summer it has rained and rained and rained.  So I did what any good mother would do after being stuck inside with a toddler bouncing off the walls.....
I let him play in it. 


Here is a little irony.  I have so many posts of him playing outside in his rain boots on bright sunny days.  But the day I let him play in the rain.....he is shoeless. 

First Beach Trip of the Summer
We went to the beach a lot this summer. It was so much fun taking William.  He LOVES the beach.  He asks almost weekly if not daily if we can go to the beach.  Last summer we lived 15 minutes from the beach now we are more like 35 minutes away. 
He has no fear of the water or the waves...which of course is scary. It's actually odd because he is usually so cautious. 

Can you tell that he is having fun?
 For William everything is more fun with his cousins there, particularly Asher.  He loves to just be in his presence. 

 Sid wasn't feeling too good on this night.
 What's family beach night without the whole family there?  The dogs make it a lot of extra work now that we have to watch William so closely but they got to go at least once or twice. 

Silly Asher.....
 he was trying to do a flip
My 2 favorite men.

 This is the face of a little boy that just heard it was time to head home.  There were tears to follow and some refusing to leave. 

Goodnight Folly......
Sullivan's Island with Mymy

This day was so much fun. We a great family day spending time with Mom. I cant imagine our life without her.  William and her have a ball together.
 William gets very focused and intense when he does any kind of play like this. 


 They were covered in sand!!
 Mom gave herself a facial too. 

 The funny thing is, William HATES for his hands to be dirty.  He also cant stand of any kind of food or anything to get on him.  He is always coming to us saying "wipa da hands" but getting this dirty at the beach, not a problem.  Except for when it was on his hands.  While playing he was asking us to wipe his hands.  Finally he got past that though and just played. 

It looks like has has hit puberty.

Pretty Beach Pictures 

Nicki's 27th Birthday
Things have been so crazy this summer.  So for Nicki's birthday we just decided that instead of making a big dinner and creating a ton of work for ourselves that going to the beach and just enjoying the night would be better. 

My little sunshine one minute......
and a minute later.....he was mad because his hands were dirty.  Aren't toddlers so much fun!

William and Sid were really cute together.  The walked up and down the beach side by side.

The Sid monster....

My shadow.  8 months pregnant.

Nicki took these for me. I am so glad she did too.  

Ricky was also there.  I didn't get a lot of pictures of him, Nicki or Asher because they were out in the water most of the time.  I stayed on shore with the little ones. 

Happy 4th of July
The neighborhood right behind us hosted an awesome 4th of July event.  They had water slides, fireworks, arts & craft shows and yummy food.  It was so close to the house too which was perfect since I had been having some blood pressure issues and wasn't sure if the heat would get to me. 
 After the kids went down the water slides we had a picnic on the grass and waited for the firework show to start.  We had to wait until dark so that was about 2 hours.  We actually enjoyed the wait. 
All the boys got a balloon and it entertained them all the whole time.  It is really amazing how much children love balloons. 

No child loves balloons more than Sid though.  He could spot any balloon as it drifted off from some child's hand.  He pointed and screamed for the balloon miles away in the sky.  

I enjoyed the wait because I had my camera.  I took a billion pictures. Mostly because I had nothing else to do.  The light was beautiful too. And of course these are my favorite people!



Chrissy Comes Charleston
Shea has 2 really cool cousins that live out of state.  They are the daughters of Angela's oldest sister Patsy, Dianne and Chrissy.  At the end of July Chrissy came for a few days.
We ended up spending quite a bit of time with her. More than we anticipated actually.
I will get more into that at a later post.
Here are some pictures from an afternoon at Sullivan's Island.


It always takes William a little while before he comes out of his shell with new people.  He is pretty shy and reminds me a lot of myself as a child.
After seeing Chrissy for several consecutive days he became very fond of Chrissy.  Even now a month or so later he will still ask where she is and if we can go see her.  She really made an impression.  A few days ago I was telling him that he can start wearing big boy underwear and going to the potty like "Mama and Dada and Asher...." He started adding all the people that he knew too and then with a squeal he said "AND CWISSSY!!!" It was too cute!
We cant wait to see you again Cwissy!
Well that should catch me up August at least.  I will end with this photo and pretty obvious caption.
 The dog days of summer...
.....thank God they are over!   


  1. I'm just so proud of you and the life you've made for yourself. And so happy for you. Love you!

  2. I enjoyed this post so much!!! I loved all the pics so much! So glad you captured it all here! Good job, mom!