Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joel Isaiah's Arrival

Since having William and becoming a part of the "mom world" there is something that I have noticed.  Moms can sit and talk for hours about the births of their children. I think we just love to relive the amazing moment that these miracles become a part of our lives.  For me the memories are vivid.  While I was pregnant with Joel I assumed that his birthday would be exactly the same as William's. I knew it would be a c-section.  Even though it would be a different doctor I could only imagine it as being the same as before.  Well, it was not.  Here is the story of Joel Isaiah's arrival.....

On August 8th at 10:00pm I had a contraction.  I had been having them a lot but never in a consistent way.  15 minutes later I noticed another one.  My doctor told me to call if they are regular for an hour so we timed them and warned Angela in case we were going to leave for the hospital that night. 
They lasted until 11:00 though and stopped.  The next morning I felt very sick.  I decided to call the doctor just to make sure everything was ok. I was sure to pack my bags and have everything ready just in case I was admitted.  He did notice that my blood pressure was starting to get high and I was sent to Roper. 

When I got to the hospital and was put on the monitors my contractions were frequent but not regular enough to call it labor. I was also not dilating at all.  They kept me all day and through the night.  For 24 hours it was the same story. They would not let me go home because of the contractions but they wouldn't make the call to deliver him because I had just turned 37 weeks and I still wasn't dilating.  Not dilating is one of the reasons I have to have a c-section.  It is something my mom, my sister and I all deal with .  My regular doctor was on vacation. I could go on and on about the on call doctor and how awful I thought she was but this is should be a happy post and I am not going to do that.  I was sent for an ultrasound that afternoon.  They wanted to make sure everything looked OK and that he was developed.  I was curious about how big he was.  The tech measured him and said that her estimate was 9 pounds 4 ounces.  I was shocked!! I could not bear the thought of him not being born that day and continuing to grow.  I was taken back to my room to wait for the doctor. Thankfully it was the sweetest doctor,  Dr. Gleason. I had met her that morning when she was making her rounds.  I was so glad to see that she took over my care.  While waiting for her to come check me a nurse came in and said she had to give me a shot because my contractions were 2 minutes a part. 
Finally Dr. Gleason came in to check me and even though I was not dilating still she said it was best go forward with a c-section. 

Joel was born at 4:20 P.M.  When they call the time they said 16:20.  I looked at Shea horrified and said "he wieghs 16 pounds?" The surgery was really dificult. I had an awful reaction to the spinal tap. But it was all worth it because of this little boy.
He ws 9 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long.  The first things I notices was the head full of dark hair and the milk bumps on his nose.

 William seeing Joel for the first time.

Joel slept in my room the first night.  The next morning his doctor came in to see him.  They took him to the nursery. I expected that he would be back within 30-45 minutes but Dr.
Kornegay came back to my room without Joel.  He told me that Joel's breathing was not normal.  He explained all these things that it could be.  I held back tears the entire time.  He told me that Joel would have to be on monitors and stay in the nursery.  It was a scary moment thinking that his lungs had not developed fully.  I wanted ask so many questions but I knew that I would burst into tears and I wouldnt be able to talk. 
The only way I could be with Joel was to walk to the nursery to see him.  Remember I just had a c-section. Pain medicine is great but its not that good.  That first walk was awful.  But each time ut got easier. I had to be with him! I had to nurse him. I sat in the nursery for hours at a time.  I will never forget sleeping in the rocking chair holding him day after day.
The news about his lungs was good though. It turned out that it was just some fluid in them that was causing him to breath very fast and pant at times. 
Becase they needed to keep his breath controlled they did have to put a feeding tube in on the 3rd and 4th day.  He was still able nurse though. 
Mymy was there of course everyday to see him.

 Shea and William came every night to hang out with us.

This is how was William entertained while we were in the room.

 The last night we were staying in the hospital Joel was able to be in the room with me.  Ricky and Amanda came to see him too before were going to leave.

The new family of four!!

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