Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to Missouri....almost back to full health

We made it back from Colorado Saturday night. We had a wonderful time. The second day though Shea got very sick. The first 2 days we did so much hiking and rock climbing and we all thought that with the altitude and exertion of energy that he had become dehydrated and had altitude sickness. Four out of five nights there Shea was terribly sick. But everyone I asked said that it must altitude sickness. The last day when it was time to leave, he was feeling a lot better. We drove all day Saturday and got home around 9:00pm. Within an hour of being home I had the same thing Shea had. It was the FLU!!! I am finally much better today. My throat is still soar. It was the most awful thing ever. Sick to my stomach, achy, soar throat, no appetite. AWFUL!! I have literally slept the last 4 days.

So my trip was great (except Shea being sick)
The first day we went to Garden of the Gods. I had seen pictures and wasn't really impressed, but this place in person was magnificent. There were huge balancing rocks and hiking trails. We stayed there all day climbing and taking in the view of the surrounding mountains.
The next day we went to Green Mountain Falls. That was really awesome. We did a 4 mile hike on rocks and trails, pretty much climbing the whole way. As we hiked we came across beautiful waterfalls. The dogs had such a great time. They were both always way ahead of us, they would find the falls and then run back to where we were.
That was an amazing day.
Since Shea was sick the next day I went shopping in Old Colorado City. When Shea was feeling a little better at the end of the week we got to see Seven Falls. The falls were pretty frozen but it was still really cool.
I would love to go back out to Colorado sometime in the future. The scenery was breathtaking.
I am going to work on a slideshow of all my pictures. Here are a few for now.

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