Saturday, March 20, 2010

3 Weeks Old

These 3 weeks have gone by fast. William is a great baby. He is overall very content and easy to please. He is still breastfeeding and doing well at it. I have seen an emergence of personality in him this week. He is starting to coo a little and a few times a day I catch a smile from him. He smiles in his sleep mostly.

Another exciting discovery this week was his thumb. I tried to get it on video but I missed it.

The dogs have reacted to him just the way we expected. Game has made it his mission in life to protect and guard him. He checks out anyone that goes near the baby. If William is crying he runs to his rescue. Sometimes he will even moan when William cries.
Moses on the the other hand couldn't care less about this new addition. He doesn't dislike him, but he really feels no great love for him either. Anyone that knows Moses knows that all he really cares about it whether or not this will effect his meal times, daily walks and time playing with his tennis ball.
I am looking forward to seeing my children grow up these two. It is an experience I never had that I am glad William will have two awesome dogs to grow up with. Shea on the other hand is looking forward to William being old enough to pick up poop in the yard and take over bathing them.

Here is Game on duty.

and on duty at the can never be too careful.

I cant believe that he will be one month old next week. Everyone told me while I was pregnant and in agony that as soon as he was here that it would go by so fast, well they were right.

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