Monday, March 1, 2010

William and his "Myma"

The last 2 days have been a whirlwind. Finally having William home has been an experience that words cant describe. I love holding him and loving on him. But anyone that has had a newborn will tell you that it also can be a ton of work. Not to mention if one is recovering from a c-section. I must say that this would have been even harder if it wasn't for my blessing of a mother in law. She is one of the most loving people that I know, she showers us with love and affection at any and every opportunity. My husband is a bit of a "mama's boy" and if I had any other mother in law that may be hard to deal with but not with Angela at all.
She has been here taking care of the house, me and Shea. Doing anything she can find to do around the house while we get to know our new little boy. I wake up every morning with coffee made, and breakfast on a plate waiting for me. We are being treated like royalty.
Having her here means so much to us, not because of the royal treatment but also because she gets to bond with her first grandchild. It is an honor to have given her the grandchild she has longed for for so many years. This baby is really in for some spoiling.......

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