Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At times I feel like I will never forget the important moments with him. It is so exciting every time he accomplishes something big like getting teeth, standing in his crib, army crawling, crawling, laughing and more. I know that every mother must feel so incredibly proud when her child does these things, but I am realizing that since he has hit 6-7 months there are moment of great accomplishment almost daily. Daily Shea and I are amazed at what he can do now. It's funny, when he was teeny tiny, we thought he was so BIG. When he started laughing we thought nothing could get better than that sound. Now I look at this 8 month old boy, who is so vocal squealing and chuckling all the time, crawling like he has done it since he was born, and growing so fast and I realize that he is not going to be a baby much longer. When I think back to the day when he was so small, I can barley remember really what that was like.

Of course there are highlights that stick in my memory, but the day to day life moments fade a little. We still think of him as being so big, and that he is, but I know in 4-5 months I will look back at photos from today or tomorrow and say oh look how small he was, just as we do when we look back at his newborn photos. I have absolutely loved every stage with him. This one though has been the most fun and the hardest one yet. I say it is the hardest so far because of the mobility and the things he can get into. My life is changing big time. He used to go down for naps so easily, sleep all the time, stay put anywhere I put him and be the most content child. He is still oh so content and happy but he is starting to voice his disapproval when I remove him from the dog's water bowl, or remove him from the kitchen or take the new item he has discovered from his sweet little mouth. Photobucket
The first few months I even told people that I felt as though I cheated in getting this angel baby. Besides the nursing issues it was so much easier than I even imagined. I am getting it now. I am understanding why when I talked about adding another one so soon people thought I was crazy.Photobucket
I didn't realize what an adventure it would become at 6 months old.
I have to say though that while it has been the biggest change for Shea and me, I can honestly say that it has been my favorite stage so far. I love the laugher and constant chatter, I love watching his delight in discovering something new. I love seeing his excitment when I stands on his own. I love this stage!

The photos below were take just this morning. While I was drink coffee and watching the news, he stood at the coffee table squealing with glee. That is by far the best part of waking up. The baby, not the coffee...the coffee is great too and a MUST!Photobucket

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