Monday, October 22, 2012

Joel at 7 weeks

 My poor 7 week old angel has had a rough couple of weeks.  William came down with a mild cold a couple weeks ago.  He never ran a fever or acted sick at all.  Unfortunately it hasn't been as mild for Joel. His nose started running then he sounded awful with congestion, then he and I both got infections in both of our eyes and worst of all Joel had a cough that was so violent that it made him throw up. 
It has been a miserable time for this little guy.  He has had this little viral thing since he was about 3 weeks.  It has just gotten worse and worse. 
In a lot of his pictures you can see how sick he is too.  I have had to work miracles on Photoshop to make him at least look well.  Some pictures just look better if they are black and white because of the redness around his eyes. 

 He is a little sweetheart.  He is still nursing and getting formula.  His sleeping is okay.  He still wakes up during the night of course.  Our house is pretty noisy with a toddler running around so it is amazing that he can sleep at all around here. 

When he is awake he is very alert and engaging.  He follows the voices that he hears.  He loves to be talked to. 
We are hoping and praying that he will start to feel better soon.  It is so difficult to see him  so uncomfortable.  We know it will get better soon.  There is nothing he can take that would provide relief for him. So we are giving him the best medicine we can provide and that is snuggling and loving on him as much as we can to get him through it. 

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