Sunday, October 7, 2012


I cant even imagine what we would do without Mymy.  Its a scary thought!  She is such a HUGE part of our (almost) everyday life around here.  She stops by after work to see the boys as much as possible. She plays with them, helps me around the house and is here for us in every way.  She is an  amazing woman.  A woman of prayer and faith, a woman that exemplifies Christ and sets an inspiring example of love for all those that encounter her.
Before I had Joel I had preterm labor signs twice.  Each time even when I pleaded for her not to she drove 60 miles to sit in the hospital with me. 
She was there when Joel was born.  She shuffled William back and forth everyday to see me.  She stayed at our house the 5 days I was in the hospital with the baby and for the 3 days I was in with pneumonia. 
She has cooked for us cleaned for us, changed diapers, shopped....taken care of us in everyway especially in pray.   We love Mymy!

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