Monday, October 22, 2012

Memorable Photos

 None of these are "amazing" pictures. I left my flash at home so these really needed some work.  It was such a funny moment of chaos. Even though the quality is rather low I know that this gang of kiddos will know each other and be a part of each others lives for a long time. One day these photos may be priceless to them.  If not them then I know their parents will look at them and it will make them smile.
 It seems like when you try to get a picture perfect photo of 5 children it rarely works out the way you think it will.  We went to the Burke's one night and realized that the babies and William all had on Carolina outfits. Bonnie and I thought it would be a cool idea to get them all in a photo but it didn't work out like we planned. 
Of course, leave it to the photographer's child to throw a fit when his picture is being taken.

Both of my children screamed their heads off. 

This was attempt #3 and the funniest one of them all. 
Little mama Ella and Joel.

Aunt B and Joel
Look at sweet Keenan.  And loud little Joel.

 Three of my favorite kids in the world. 

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