Monday, September 28, 2009


I am finding that the most enjoyable part of pregnancy is the funny cravings. I have not craved anything like pickles in my ice cream, nothing funny like that. Really it is more like things that I never really thought of before I was pregnant. I now know too what a craving for something really is. It is not just a thought of "oh, that would taste good." It is more like I dont want to eat anything other than that.
My first one at 7 weeks was butter pecan ice cream. After it was satisfied I didn't want it again.

Then while I was sick all the time, all I really wanted was popsicles and ice. Lots of ice!!! Ice in anything that I would drink. Really I just loved anything cold and soothing.

So the last 2 weeks have been very interesting. All I could think of was boiled peanuts and pizza. The funny thing about that is that in all of my life I have never even really liked pizza. I am from Georgia so of course like any southern girl I love me some boiled peanuts.

Poor Shea has had to listen to me talk about pizza every time a commercial comes on. First, I thought let's do this the healthy way and eat a whole grain Kashi pizza......but this baby wanted something better.

Last Thursday we went to Rob and Bonnie's house to watch South Carolina beat the #4 team in the country. GO GAMECOCKS! My wonderful husband ordered us some Papa Johns pizza. Yummy!

Now, the boiled peanuts request is a little tricky. It turns out that the only farm in the south that has any is the Free family farm in Swainsboro, GA (Jamie's family). Shea questioned my sanity though when I talked about taking a trip to get some. I have really searched high and low.

Don't worry there is a happy ending to the story.......Shea was at work on Saturday and a girl came in with a bag full of boiled peanuts trying to get rid of them. He told her about his pitifull, pregnant wife and walked away with a bag full. So that night I got the surprise of my life (except for getting pregnant after being married 2 weeks). I loved every bite. And much to my surprise I am still craving them.

Wow, I cant believe that I just rambled on and on about pizza and boiled peanuts......there really isn't a lot going on in my life it seems!


  1. hahhaha
    So funny!!!!! I'm happy to hear you got some boiled peanuts finally! I had an aversion (think severe extreme OPPOSITE of craving!) to pizza with this last pregnancy, but like you, I did crave ice!
    Hope school is going well. When you coming down this way??? I think you need baby practice!

  2. Awww! I wish you could have been here the last week or two... We've been boiling peanuts out of the field like crazy! Hope you are doing well, and it sure sounds like you are! Love, Ms. Tot