Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here is a recap of William's 7th week on earth.......

He is growing so fast. He fits into all of his 0-3 clothes now. Somethings that are 3months he can wear. He is starting to grin a little more. He is full of funny noises. My favorite though is this noise he makes when he is about to cry or after he cries, it sounds like a lamb baaing.
It is the cutest thing. Another discovery he has made this week is blowing spit bubbles.
Almost every picture I take of him he has bubbles coming out of his mouth. He must be a boy....spitting already. I remember my brothers spitting all the time when we were kids. Usually I was the target.

For the first time a few days ago I put him on his back in his crib and instead of turning on the soother I turned on his airplane mobile. I was just curious about what he would do. I would give anything for a video or photo of his face at that moment. He made the biggest smile and kicked his legs as it went around.

Here is a picture of him enjoying it.

He also seems to enjoy his baths. Some of my favorite moments with him are the ones right after he gets a bath. When I get him out, he is all wrapped up in his towel. I lay him down on the changing table and dry him off. He always makes the cutest faces. He gives me smiles that melt my heart. Those baths must be pretty refreshing to him.

"More pictures Momma....really?"

"Okay, here is that smile you keep asking for"

I saved what think is the best for last. This is my favorite picture of him this week. I find it very difficult to get pictures of him that actually look like him. I think I accomplished it today.

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