Saturday, June 12, 2010

An evening on Folly

Everyday days Asher talks about going to the beach again. With Shea's work schedule and him only having one day off a week that has been tricky.
But being that this was his last week here we really wanted to make that happen for him.
Shea, me, William, Uncle Ricky, Asher, Angela and of course the furry family members all went to the beach for a few hours one evening. We had a great time. We went late in the day, so it wasn't miserably hot. We play and played and played as the sun went down.
Uncle Ricky bought Asher a boogie board, he has been dying to go "surfing" since he got it. was fun for about a minute, then Asher was over that.

We let William get his feet wet too. He was great. Even when the water splashed up on him he didn't fuss at all.

Of course the dogs had a BLAST! They love the beach and it had been a long time since we have taken them to the beach. The best part for me was that they slept for the next two days, and didn't bug me.

I love those fat little feet. He kept his toes curled up when they were in the sand.

This is probably my favorite picture from the day. My sweet Moses enjoying the view......also very worn out from going after the ball about a million times.

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