Saturday, June 19, 2010

Water Front Park...and there was a BIG BOAT!

Having Asher for a month was a great way to start the summer. Sadly, he went home this week. I have to admit that I am mourning a little. He is a very sweet little boy. What a fun kid!

One of the places we took him was Water Front Park.It is a major attraction here in Charleston. On hot days like these there are dozens of kids swimming in the pineapple fountain or playing in the water sprayers. Asher is an extremely careful child. At first he didn't want to play in the showers or the fountain. We tackled the fountain first. He sat on the side for quite while. Shea was so great with him. He is a good motivator. He eased Asher into the idea of getting in. They walked the edges of the fountain first, then took a break and sat on the side. I knew he was okay after I looked up and saw Asher with his head under the water. Uncle Shea taught him to be brave that day. Uncle Shea giving him a little pep talk.
Dunking his head under the falling water.

He really didn't like the idea of the shooting water. But after his courageous moment at the fountain he was bursting at the seams to get in the this water.

It is a beautiful park with a great view of the water. Asher though was fascinated with the cruise ship. He talked about Water Front Park and that "BIIIIIG BOAT" the entire time he was here. He vividly described that day to so many people. He would say "we went Water Front Park and saw a BIIIIIIIG BOAT (as he stretched out his arms)....but I didn't go on that boat cause we need a ticket." He could not understand why we could not go on that BIG boat. It was the only "view" that he cared about. This was the our idea of a great view......

Of course, for our own amusement we put William in too. He didn't care at all as long as he is safe and comfy in the arms of his Daddy.

It was a very special day!

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