Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Can Not Lose My Love

Motherhood has made me the mushiest, lovestruck person on earth. I am so in love, head over hills in love with this little boy.

When I was in high school and photography school one of my favorite singers was Sara Gorves. I played her cds over and over again in that plum colored 1994 Plymouth Acclaim. She has a song about the love a mother feels for her child called You Can Not Lose My Love. Though, motherhood was the furthest thing from my mind I loved that song and knew every word of it.

One day as I was holding William, getting him to sleep, singing any songs I could think of to him that song came to my lips. Since he was a few weeks old, that has been our song. His face lights up to the sound of my (not so great) voice singing those words to him.

All you moms out there, listen to this beautiful song.....

Here are the lyrics:
You Can Not Lose My Love
By: Sara Groves
You will lose your baby teeth.
At times you'll lose your faith in me.
You will lose a lot of things.
But you cannot lose my love.
You may lose your appetite.
Your guiding sense of wrong and right.
You may lose your will to fight.
But you cannot lose my love..
You will lose your confidence.
In times of trial your common sense.
You may lose your innocence.
But you cannot lose my love..
Many things can be misplaced.
Your very memories be erased.
No matter what the time or space.
You cannot lose my love..
You cannot lose.
You cannot lose.
You cannot lose my love..

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  1. Beautiful pic, Joanne! What a sweet little mouth! I will have to look that song up....the lyrics are amazing.