Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Saturday was such a nice day here. We finally got a break from this awful heat! I must add a little disclaimer to that statement; when I say break, that probably just means it was in the low 90's. Meaning you could walk outside and not break out in a sweat after 2 minutes. But we take what we can get here in the south. Since it was so nice I took William outside with the doggies.
I snapped a few pictures that I just cant resist posting.
This one is probably my favorite photo of the week!

Come on, even if you are not a dog lover, you gotta admit this is cute!

Game and his bear. That poor bear of his. It was actually a bear that was given to William. I had it put up for a while, but when Asher was here he wanted to play with it. Well, that is when Game claimed it! Now this bear is with him at all times! He is so cute with it, I just cant take it from him. I could do a post soley on him and this bear (but I wont).

I am really looking forward some nice fall weather! Actually, I would settle for days like these where I can go outside and not suffer a heat stroke.

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