Sunday, January 2, 2011

William turned 10 months old the week of Christmas and now that things have finally slowed down a bit I can finally make it official on here.
What can I say about this 10 month old?! He is a trip!! Growing and learning so fast.
One of his biggest accomplishments is that he is stading on his own now.

I will never foget the day that he started doing this. I was cleaning the house all day on a Saturday. He and I were sitting in the kitchen floor, I was scrubbing the cabinet under the sink. He was in such a cheerful mood, playing with plastic bowls on the floor, coming over to me every few mintutes with a big grin and little chuckle. He put his hands on my knee and pulled himself up and then he let go! The funniest part was his reaction, his eyes got wide and he laughed with this excited/shocked laughed with delight over his big accomplishment. All day the rest of the day he did this. That quickly turned to doing it at the coffee table, couch...the dog.
Yesterday I caught him standing all on his own without pulling up on anything.
It amazes Shea and me all the time when we do something and he copies us. For a few weeks he has been babbling and saying the word "yeah" all the time. I am not sure if he has really picked that up, but I am putting it as his first word. Yesterday while babbling it sounded like he said dada. I picked him up and said it back to him and he repeated me, he said dada!
This boy is so funny! He grunts and strains like a wrestler sometimes. This is a picture of something like that.
I am loving this precious stage. It is going my so fast....too fast! Everyday it gets a little more exhausting, but at the same time it becomes more and more fun to be his mama.

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