Monday, January 31, 2011

William is 11 months!!

Last Sunday on January 23rd William turned 11 months old. Where has this time gone? Shea was at work all day and I just took in all of these moments with him. Finding it so hard to believe that this baby stage is ending (or maybe it has already and I am in denial). Photobucket I realized that this the last time that I will think of him in months. I know I will continue to say 13 months, 18 months and so on. But it isnt the same.


He is developing and accomplishing new things daily. He started taking a few steps at a time that day and in just a short week he is walking all over the place. When he started taking a few steps we sat on the floor with him and tried to get him to walk back and forth to us and he would but he showed little interest in what was pure excitement and joy for his parents. I started to notice him playing alone and getting up to stand for a few seconds and then he would take off on his own. First I noticed one to two steps....then came three, four, five and more. He has great balance and had that down for a while. When he is toddling and begins to fall he has a great way of stopping himself and standing still until he gets it on his own.
But unfortunately that is not always the case. A few days into learning to walk on his own he did have a bad fall. He crawled into the kitchen following right behind me. He had a big block with him. I looked over at him and he had put the block in his mouth and before I knew it he took one step and fell. He started crying and grabbed him up and noticed his lip bleeding a little. He didn't cry long at all maybe 15 seconds. Then he went right back to playing. It wasn't until later that Nicki noticed when laughed that his front tooth was chipped. I did take him to the doctor and everything looked fine. There is no need to see a dentist until he is one. No real damage was done at him anyway, it took his mama a few days to get over that one.
He saying some works now. Dada and sometimes he says bye. Most of them sound like babble so I hate to be one of those moms that claims every noise is a word.

He is more into making noise and singing. He sings a lot. He actually sings himself to sleep which is really cute. He has had a love for music for a long time. It calms him so easily. He and I listen to classical music through out the day. And when I do put a video on for him it is the Baby Einstein music ones. He jumps in his jumper with the music on. He mostly loves the bright colors and the faces. It has been a great way to get my school work done without having to chase him up and down the hall or worry about him getting into something. It is only about 30 minutes to an hour a week, which probably why it does keep his attention so well. So... this time next month I we will be celebrating ONE YEAR!! So I will enjoy this last month of being able to call him a baby and not really a toddler (even though he is toddling) he is still a baby, my 20.5 pound baby that is 11 months old.

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  1. What a doll-baby! I love that last picture best!