Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh...I cant believe I forgot this!! Here is the saddest picture you will see today.....

Yes! That is a temporary cast on his chubby little leg. Nicki noticed that he stopped putting weight on that leg a few days ago and after realizing that he just wasnt getting any better she and I took him to the children's hospital yesterday. The x-rays showed a fracture.
We have no idea how it happened. He was sick last week and cried a lot but none of us would have ever thought that his leg was hurt.
Even though these photos of a 9 month old baby with a cast on his leg are terribly sad, for some strange reason when they put it on him I exclaimed " that is so cute!"
Poor Sid, he gets a permanant cast next week and he has to keep it on for 8 weeks.

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  1. That IS the saddest picture! So sorry, little Sid! Get better soon!!