Tuesday, August 30, 2011

17 month highlights and things to remember


~William got LOTS of new teeth. 8 molars and his 4 cuspids are almost ready to break through now.

~He loves to roar. Not only does the dinosaur say “raaarrr” but so does the cow, and pretty much any animal he sees. He comes up to me with his dino in hand and says “isa (it’s a) raaaarrrr.”

~Loves hats and shoes!
~Most of his favorite things start with B. Balls, bath, balloons, books, bowls (which he wears as hats), and baba. When he puts the bowl on his head he says “issa booooowwl hat.”

~He is really smart when it comes to knowing what he is not allowed to do. He likes to push the buttons on the dishwasher and when he does that I say no, or make that ahhhhh noise that all moms make. I caught William pushing the buttons on the dishwasher and as he was doing it he was saying ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh. He will do this when he goes in my desk drawer, or when he plays in the dog water….he is really good at telling on himself.

~He pretends that different things are phones. If he can get his hands on one of our phones he is so happy, but if not he will make do with other things. Today I saw him with the remote up to his ear babbling like he is talking on the phone. It is so funny!

I could say so much about my little 17 month old. And I know there are so many things that I am forgetting.
Shea says everyday that this has been his favorite time with William. He loves the wildness, and the funny antics.
I love those things too. I have to say that I can do without the toddlerness. Even thought I hit the jackpot with temperament and sweetness. I love seeing him discover and explore. I love that everything is new to him. He a sweetheart. He is my little sweetheart.

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