Friday, November 4, 2011

Aquarium Night

The aquarium had a fall themed night for kids that involved activities, pumpkins in tanks, dressed up scuba divers, costumes and of course fish of all kinds. Theresa went with us and we took William and Asher. Asher loves trips to the aquarium and William is really starting to enjoy them more and more.

 The first exhibit we saw was the otters. These are Aunt Theresa's favorite animals. All of the times I have been there with the kids the otters were sleeping. This was the first time I got to see them active. They really put on a show for us.

 This is just for fun!!  I had to post since it is an actual photo with ME.

Asher was amazed that a cow was in the water!  Usually his favorite thing about the aquarium is the scuba divers in the tanks. On this trip he loved seeing all the kids dressed and the scuba divers too. I thought for sure that they would be his favorite part of the trip.  But, on the way home I asked him what he liked the most and he said the little girl dressed like a scuba diver.   He is not as predictable as I thought.

After we saw all that there was to see we played on the back patio.  Asher made an adorable little
German boy.
 This outfit is 100 percent authentic. The coulple accross the street from us gave it to Asher. She is from Austria. She lived there during WWII and through Hitlers reighn. She has some great stories.

 There is our little fighter pilot. This outfit is also very old. It was given to me by a friend of Angela's when I was pregnant. I always loved it and wanted to do some  portraits of him in it whenever he could fit into it.

He loved every bite of that donut. That is a RARE treat for this little  man.

 After we left we went back to Aunt Theresa's house for some supper. The boys loved her reading to them. It was a great ending to a wonderful night.

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