Monday, November 14, 2011

Oyster Roast

Since I moved to Charleston 3 1/2  years ago I have been wanting to go to an oyster roast. They are big Charleston tradition.I mostly wanted to go to one for the experience of it all and well................... I LOVE oysters!! The first year I was here I didnt hav anyone to go with me.
The second year I was pregnant and last year William was little and it the timing was bad.
 This year I finally got to go to one.  It was a t a beautiful plantation so I took a lot of pictures. I was the only one to eat oysters and I didnt get any pictures of that but how could I not take a zillion pictures of this cutie?!

He love the live band! He danced to the music the whole time.

He had a great dancing partner too!

He had a lot of fun with Dianne and me sitting in the oyster beds, throwing oysters in the water.

He really liked sitting on this bench.

Making kissy faces at Mama.....what a sweetie pie!

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