Sunday, November 20, 2011

things to remember

Here are some cute things that William say and does that I want to remember.

  • He calls himself "WeeWee" trying to same William
  • He is OBSESSED with trains and cats.
  • When he sees a cat he say "yoooowww" (meow)
  • He climbs onto everything
  • loves to kiss
  • October 16th he said Jesus for the first time.  He brings us books that have Jesus in them all the time say "Jesus, Jesus...wead (read) Jesus"
  • Speaking of "weading" he loves books.
  • He sings happy birthday and pretends to blow out the candle. This is thourghout the whole day.
William's Language:
  • ducky-----actually means doggie
  • yoooww--meow
  • Wicky- ---Uncle Ricky
  • Minnie---Aunt Nicki
  • towel-----cow
  • hore------horse (Hopefully no one hears him saying that one, they will definatly wonder what his parents are talking about in front of him.)
  • money---Barney
  • seed------Sid
  • MyMy---MyMa (Angela)
  • bukken---button

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