Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bi-Polar Angel

I can  not believe that my baby boy is almost 21 months old now.  I cant believe that we are so close to his 2nd birthday. The last 2 months he has changed a lot. At the core of his personality and demeanor he is the same but he is a truly a typical toddler now. 

He has been slowly morphing in the dreaded terrible twos. Hopefully it doesn't get worse than this, but I can only imagine.
I am afraid that this little man has a big temper. He is strong willed for sure. If he doesn't get his way he will either hit himself in the head or look for something to throw. No kidding he throws things. I guess if he had a sibling he would hit them but he has to work with what he's got. He has hit the dogs if they happen to be near. Poor Sid has been on the receiving end of a couple whoppers.
One day Nicki called me when she got home with Sid and asked me if William bit him that day. I didn't know about it, but yes he did. He left a bad mark on Sid's arm.
He has also started yelling "NO!" At first when he started saying "no" it was kind of sweet. Mostly it was an answer to a question like, "are you ready to go nite-nite?" He would say in the sweetest voice as he shook his head "no." We still get that sweetness throughout the day, but if something is taken from him or he is removed somewhere he isn't suppose to be it is a BIG "NOOOOOWAAA!" and he points his finger when he says it.  The bad thing is that since he is our only one we think everything is so darn cute.
We hide it well though. We are not afraid to be stern with this new side of him. Spankings are pretty rare because he is not rebellious (yet) he just has an opinion.
He still my little sweetheart too though.

He is such an affectionate little thing. He randomly approaches us with his lips puckered up for a kiss.   He walks around saying "mama.....dada...mama...dada" tenderly. He also says "Shea."  Especially if Shea isnt home he will say it over and over again instead of Dada.  Another favorite ward is "Wicky" (Ricky). He sees him rarley these days, but he says his name at least 5 times a day.

He is all boy too! He likes to get dirty, play with trucks and cars.  His first real love/passion for something has started this past month. It is trains. It came out of nowhere. Now daily we have watch "chooooo choo" (Thomas & Friends). When he hears an airplane, or car, or lawn mower outside his eyes get bright and he exclaims "chooooo choo." 
Trucks are also choo choos.  I can not convince him otherwise.  This truck also gets a good beating daily. William gets very frustrated with it when it gets stuck or he cant push it as fast as he would like to. I will hear him sream with anger and look up only to see him hitting or kicking it.

I like when he plays in the sand. It doesnt aggrivate him quite as often.

What am I going to do with you my sweet little bi-polar angel?   Even at your worst moments I wouldnt choose to be anywhere else with anyone else. I love you!

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