Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random things about William:

1. He LOVES books! All day, everyday he wants to read. If you are not paying attention when he trying the hand you the book, he will grab your hand and put the book in your hand. 

 I love the expression on his face in the photo on the right. I love that he in awe of everything. Notice too that the book is actually upside down. 

2.  The only thing he does with his beach buckets is put them on his head. "isa a hat!"

3. Nothing is more fun that jumping a playing on the couch or my bed. Now he has discovered that when he is on the couch he can reach light switches. That's lots of fun for Mama.  

In this picture he was playing peek-a-boo with me. I love that big smile!

4. He is teething....which seems to never end by the way. 

5. This face is him. I love that expression.....typical William face.

 6. He is a sweetheart!
These last few pictures are kind of random but they are all so sweet of him.

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