Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giant Tree + 2 Little Boys= 2 Little Monkeys

Yesterday Nicki brought Asher over for some playtime in the backyard. I love having my sister and nephews living close by. They went from being four hours away to four minutes away. It's a great when they can come over for some play time because it is also much needed sister time for Nicki and me. One of my favorite things about my backyard is the gorgeous tree right in the middle of it. It is so old and the limbs are low, it is so pretty. It is not great though if you want a garden or grass to grow because of the amount of shade it produces. Asher decided he wanted to play on it yesterday. Here are a few pictures from yesterday's play date...... Photobucket What sweet boy! Photobucket And here are the little monkeys in action! Photobucket And my little monkey.....what a teething mess this little boy is! No nap all day...mad at Mama all day for removing him from danger, and now when he is mad he throws his head back and arches his back in defiance. With all that he is still BY FAR the sweetest 13 month old you have ever seen.


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